Summary of year 2013

2013 has been a good year for me. I made some new things that year such as wrapped bouquets and hairbands, as well as improving my skills in things such as pendant wrapping. Being determined to learn a new craft every year is a good New Year’s resolution, if you’re the kind of person who does that sort of thing. This year, I have plans to make more Fimo charms and maybe learn to sew larger plushies.

Below the image is a summary of each month with the names of the projects. You can check out the images in full by clicking the links!

2013 Art Summary

January –  Lucky star mobile to decorate my room (I made this before creating this blog, so no link)

February – Colourful butterfly hairband for myself (Link)

March – Plushie stuffed heart, a belated Valentine’s present (Link)

April – Wrapped moonstone heart pendant, the stone being a precious gift (Link)

May – Colourful button bracelet, for the quirky self! (Link)

June – Wrapped angel aura quartz pendant (Link)

July – Bronze necklace made with charms bought from my summer holiday in Hong Kong (Link)

August –Blue kusudama button flower bouquet with ribbon handle (Link)

September – Red Sato rose flower bouquet with ribbon handle (Link)

October – Beaded spider pendant, for Halloween (Link)

November – Bracelets made at one of CraftSoc’s sessions (Link)

December – Felt Christmas tree and Christmas card made at one of CraftSoc’s sessions (Link)

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