Simple flag bunting

I’m part of the Craft Society at my university, and we have fortnightly meetings every term. So far I’ve had two sessions, and my third session is tomorrow! We get about two hours per session, but usually because of the limited number of tools compared to the number of people waiting to use them, I usually don’t finish my project within the allotted time slot. So if I have the time to spare, I carry on with it outside of uni.

This is my project from the first session, flag bunting. It was a simple project that everyone could learn easy, and it introduced basic sewing techniques for those who have never sewn before. This is the first time I’ve made bunting, actually! It adorns my pinboard nicely. It doesn’t cover the whole board though, unfortunately… I only picked up two types of material at the meeting. With three, I probably could have covered the length of the board.


Materials: Two different large pieces of fabric, a long length of matching ribbon, matching colour thread, paper

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