Blue spider pendant

It’s Halloween today! I’m too old for trick or treating though, haha. Apparently it’s a good day as a student to go out for the night? I wonder what is it about Halloween that people like. I think it’s probably the dressing up, huh? I only have some witch accessories, I know, not very imaginative! But this day only comes once a year, I don’t need to spend a lot to make the day better, you know?

Anyway, with lots of beads lying around, I found out that I could make a simple beaded spider. If you tweak the design, you can wear it as a pendant, pin/brooch or hair accessory. Since I’m a huge fan of necklaces, I’m going to wear it as a pendant tonight! It’s actually relatively easy to make, but with the right colour-coordination, it looks amazing! It’d probably look more realistic if I had used black and brown instead of blue and white. It even stands quite nicely, so when you’re not using it, you can prop it up on a desk, or if you’re evil like me, use it to dangle in front of unsuspecting people, haha!


Materials: Five pieces of 0.4mm silver wire approx. 5 inches long, large blue beads for the body, white pearls for the joints and eyes, blue seed beads for the joints, blue bugle beads for the legs

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