Simple beaded bracelets

CraftSoc at UoB finally did a jewellery session! It was a simple session, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. One of the committee members had travelled down to Hobbycraft in Solihull to buy a huge assortment of beads for us to use. In Hobbycraft, they have a pick and mix bead section where you take a small pot, fill it up and pay a set price for it. So we had many beads to work with, and interestingly enough, it was reading week, so not many people turned up as they were away. That meant that the few people that were there had the opportunity to make at least two bracelets each.

I made three bracelets total, in two styles. The first two are made with the centre of the bracelet as a focal point; that is, the beads start out small and gradually increase in size towards the centre, with a large focal bead at the centre. The second one is two bracelets in one with a simple strung design. I alternated coloured beads with clear beads for simplicity.

We were only given nylon thread and the clasp, and most people tied up the bracelet with knots. I loosely tied mine and attached crimp beads when I got home to make it more secure.


Materials: Nylon thread, bolt and ring clasps, lots and lots of assorted beads

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