Origami tulip pot

Origami decorations are relatively easy to make. Once you make a flower, you can attach it to a stem made of florist’s wire and florist’s tape. Add a green leaf if you feel like it too.

Here, I’ve made a bunch of tulips with stems, stuck them into a circle of oasis foam, and placed it into a metal pot. It makes a cute little desktop or windowsill ornament. Truth is, I made the tulips ages ago, but only got around to finding a suitable pot. (It would be better if I used a brown ceramic pot, like those used in gardening.) You could try to make it better by covering the oasis foam with something though.

(By the way, do you like the watermark?)

P1000554Materials: 7.5cm squares or red, orange, yellow and green paper, florist’s wire and tape, oasis foam, scissors and craft knife, cotton balls and glue, metal silver pot

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