Rose quartz pendant

The very first wire-wrapped pendant that I made was a rose quartz pendant, but I made it with basic craft wire and a value set of tools. (Not that I think the tools matter that much, they were new back then. With a new set of tools and materials, here is the updated revision of it. The almost-teardrop shape of the stone suits a pendant well.

I seem to be developing a sort of style where I have long lengths of wire with curled ends. I usually default to about eight inches of wire, and three pieces of wire bundled together. Maybe I should try more pieces? I could go a little more crazy with the spirals. I dunno, it just looks very… simple. But sometimes that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Some musings I have: Should I name my pieces? It might give the piece more meaning, in a sense. And should I consider adding extra beads to the wire? In this one, I added one single Swarovski bicone bead. Does it complement the stone well?

P1000473Materials: Rose quartz stone, Swaroski bicone bead, o.80mm silver wire, jewellery pliers (and to make the necklace: length of silver chain, 1.00mm silver wire)

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