Felt succulent planter pot

I have been working on making this hanging pot decoration (soon to come in another post!) but I wanted to add my own plants to the pot.

At first, I thought I should make an origami plant pot as I already make a lot of origami decorations, but I decided against it as the paper might bend in the pot.

Instead, thinking back to my Felt flower box frame that I created last year and the fantastic Hobbycraft felt succulent tutorial, I decided to make some succulents.

First, I found this empty pot – actually it’s a candle holder but repurposed! Then I cut a shapes block of dry foam to fit the inside.

I cut out my felt petals and leaves in different colours and shapes. I planned on using florist’s wire to stick into the foam block to hold them in place.

I only did leaves and one type of succulent for the felt frame, but I was a bit more adventurous here. The white petal succulent is probably my favourite!

Afterwards, just arrange in a way that’s pleasing to the eye, but also sits within the pot and doesn’t stick out too much.

It took me a month to finish the hanging decoration, but most of it was in the last day after I had finished this pot. Previously I was working on it so slowly, but now I had creative drive again!

Materials: felt sheets, dry foam block, florist’s wires, hot glue

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