Silver wrapped key pendant

Have you ever seen those wire wrapped skeleton keys or something similar? I wanted to give one of those a go, so I started by drawing out a design on paper. Nothing too complicated for my first attempt.

After I drew the design, I started by cutting out the base 1.50mm wires and shaping them. Symmetry is not my forte but it was as close as I could get it. I think those wire jigs would have really helped here…

(By the way, not sure if you get the reference, but I really like the game Kingdom Hearts…)


Then I wrapped most of the wire with 0.40mm wire. When each separate part was wrapped, I then wrapped more wire to keep the two wires together. This forms the main key, but I felt that by itself, it could do with some more decoration.


I bundled three pieces of really long 0.80mm wire together and started a loop near the top of the key, so that I could hang the key on a chain. From there, the wires went freeform around the key. Sometimes I would put some Swarovski crystals on as well.


Where possible, I would loop wires around so that they stayed in place. I also added extra wires around the top of the key because I thought it wasn’t busy enough.

I really like this key for my first attempt and I have plans to make more. You can really go freeform and it somehow looks like it all pulls together! I will try to make one that has a large stone for a focal point.

Some extra pictures below:


Materials needed:
– 0.40mm, 0.80mm, 1.50mm sterling silver wire
– 4mm Aquamarine/Light Sapphire AB/Sapphire Satin Swarovski bicone beads

Tools needed:
– jewellery pliers
– wire cutters

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