Kusudama wreath

When people think of Christmas, a wreath is one of the first things you would associate to it. I thought it would be a great idea to make a wreath in time for Christmas. Well, I seriously overestimated the amount of time that I would have to spare and did not even achieve close to that deadline. Now that I am a regular working person, I no longer automatically get a month off in December… The important thing is, I finally finished the wreath now. Here’s a few shots of my progress.

Firstly, I needed to make kusudama flowers made from 7cm squares of paper. I had to cut out the paper manually.


You’re probably wondering why there is a random paper ring in the background. Originally I was going to stick the flowers on this paper ring, but then I thought a polystyrene ring would work better. So I went on a shopping spree at Hobbycraft!


Optionally, you can wrap the ring in ribbon. I chose white satin ribbon. And there’s my new glue gun in action! I hot-glued the ribbon around the base, then I added an extra loop for hanging. (Note: Don’t do stuff like this on a bed.)


Now to arrange the flowers. Firstly, I glued flowers around the outside. I had to add a dab of hot glue to a petal on each flower. It was a bit tricky…


Then I glued flowers on the inside. After doing this. I realised that you could still see a lot of the base, but I wasn’t sure how to fill the space without moving the existing flowers out of place. I also made some green leaves, but couldn’t figure out a suitable place for them.

Some suggestions for next time: There are two ways to make this better. One would be to make smaller flowers so that you can fill more space. The other is to cover the base in tissue paper, and attach the flowers to wire stems that can poke through the polystyrene. I like the latter option more.


Materials: Assorted coloured paper, polystyrene ring, white satin ribbon, hot glue

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