Monochrome gemstone chip necklace

This necklace is made up of gemstone chips strung onto clear plastic thread, which are crimped onto eye pins covered by wire cones.

The gemstone chips used are clear quartz, tourmilated quartz and black agate. A monochrome palette is one of my favourites because I think it exudes classiness and works well with most outfits.

The way I kept the strings together is with an eye pin. The strings were crimped onto the eye and cut. I then created a cone that could sit over the wire’s length, and secured it by creating a link with the other end of the eye pin.


I’m using a new fastener again. This one is an S-shaped clasp with 0.80mm wire wrapped around the middle of the S only. Before it was 0.40mm wrapped around the entire middle length. I think this one looks better though. Still trying to get the hang of hammering clasps though!


The finished necklace ended up looking like this. I suppose you could wear it like this…


What you can do though is twist the ends of the necklace. This adds some uniformity to the necklace, which I prefer to wear. However, when it isn’t tied together with the clasps, it tends to unravel itself a lot.


Materials: Clear quartz gemstone chips, tourmilated quartz gemstone chips, black agate gemstone chips, clear thread, crimp beads, 0.80mm and 1.00mm sterling silver wire

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