Pokemon Mega Stone Bracelet

MCM London happened two weeks ago and I styled my outfit on the character Serena from Pokemon for one day! I had the clothes (or at least something similar) and the hat (I bought this from a steampunk shop a long time ago!) ready, but the only thing I didn’t have was the mega stone bracelet. Well, I found the perfect bracelet base for it whilst looking for craft materials one day! It’s a thick plain black bangle.


I then ordered some flat-backed glass gems from a seller on eBay. This would be the gem that represents the mega stone.


Using some paper and some Prismacolor pens, I drew out the design of the mega stone, with the rainbow pattern behind the symbol. Prismacolors blend only when the ink is still wet, so you have to work quickly to make it look natural.


The idea was to cut out and glue this piece of paper to the back of the gem, and then affix the gem to the bracelet.


Using some pieces of structured paper, I managed to stick the gem onto the bracelet. Obviously, issues would arise since the gem is flat-backed and the bracelet is very much curved, so I hid some support pieces inside the ring. I then cut out more pieces of silver paper to decorate the rest of the bracelet.


The bracelet is quite big and kept falling down my arm, haha. But it did the job well and it looked okay. I did mess up a few times whilst supergluing the paper pieces down – always be careful with superglue! I spent a very long time dipping my fingers in nail polish remover to get rid of it…


Materials: Black bangle bracelet, clear flat-backed gem, silver paper, paper and colours to design, superglue

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