Kusudama “Hanahoshi Hakkaku Kiriko”

Another model from the Tomoko Fuse book. (See the other models that I’ve made from this book so far, Mitsuya Kiriko and Hanahitai Mitsuya)

This model’s name is “Hanahoshi Hakkaku Kiriko” (花星八角切子) – This one actually has a translation. “Hanahoshi” is star flower, “Hakkaku” is octagon or star anise seed, and “Kiriko” is a faceted object. A very straight-forward name, as you’ll be able to see from the pictures.

The main part of this model is an octagon-shaped star with a different colour for the centre. This can be made from a square piece, not an octagon. It’s very similar to a pinwheel or windmill.


The modules used to connect the pinwheels are made in an interesting way. You need twelve diamond shapes to connect two pinwheels together, and eight triangle shapes to connect three pinwheels together. These modules are made from even smaller pieces, and the model was really tiny because I usually use small paper.

I had some leftover cut paper, so I made Sonobe cubes and attached them to the twine below, decorated with glass beads on either side.


This model came out even smaller than the previous ones I’ve made! Maybe I should have stuck to the recommended 15cm square paper…


Materials: Six 7.5cm squares of duo-coloured paper, 20 7.5cm squares of  patterned chiyogami, twelve 3.75cm squares of patterned chiyogami, matching coloured twine, matching coloured glass beads, PVA glue

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