Flower charm macrame bracelet

During my short stay in Cambridge, I shopped at a bead boutique shop called The Beaderie quite often, and recently I was pleased to find out that they now do home deliveries via their online shop. (They actually ship worldwide, and if you live in the UK, you get free shipping with £30+ orders, otherwise shipping cost is a minimum of £2.50)

Only recently (according to me anyway) have they started stocking project kits to make bracelets of all kinds. I picked up this macrame kit for £4.95 as I wanted to learn it at some point.


Inside the kit is a bundle containing all the materials you need (and incidentally, the cord provided is more than you actually need), and the paper folds out to reveal a full colour tutorial with pictures per step.

P1010274I think a thing to note is the extra stuff that you need. Things like scissors and glue aren’t a problem, as most crafters tend to have them. But a double-ended clipboard? I improvised by using sellotape to hold down the anchor cords.

Well, let’s macrame then!

P1010276After tying enough knots, the beads are simply added and the cords continue as normal. It looks surprisingly nice!

P1010275The fastener of the bracelet comes in the form of a sliding macrame holder, tied over the ends of the anchor cords.

P1010278Then the ends are simply finished by adding a single bead and knotting, using glue to secure the cord ends. I didn’t use jewellery glue, PVA glue works just fine.

My first macrame bracelet! This project was easy to follow, and I recommend you go check out the other kits that The Beaderie have in stock, as well as their assortment of components and finished pieces!


2 thoughts on “Flower charm macrame bracelet

    1. The cord and the charms were in the kit, I just needed scissors, glue and the clipboard. Also, that shop sell the flower charms separately, I bought a few myself :L

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