Seed bead flower hair comb

I decided to make use of the stacks of seed beads that I had lying in my bead box on Friday, so I looked up some things and came across this tutorial on how to make a seed bead flower. It was fairly easy to understand and make. The only difficult part was dropping the seed beads all over the place! Keep your things more organised than me. =w=

Instead of a bouquet though, I wrapped the wire stems around a hair comb. I then made two leaves in the same fashion, but with bugle beads instead. If you look closely, I used two different colours of pink for the flower. Does it look nice? Truth be told, I’m not really an advocate of pink, but it looks quite nice. I wonder it multi-coloured would look nice…


Materials: Pink seed beads (two colours), green bugle beads, one pearl, 0.40mm silver wire, silver hair comb

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