White organza kanzashi headpiece

I said I’d try another kanzashi piece after my first attempt. I got inspiration from this video by MyInDulzens on YouTube – give her channel a look if you’re interested, she’s very talented!

I started with white organza ribbon. Some green organza ribbon for leaves and white rattail for dangles are optional. You need a lot of ribbon, and it has to be quite wide as well because of the folding involved!

I made basic petals and glued them together with superglue. (Remember to seal the ribbon edges!) Then, just like in the video, I made a second layer to stack on top. I superglued a pearl on top to cover the centre. Unfortunately this is a bit unreliable to stick on – A more secure way would be to use fake stamens with stems!

I made some extra petals for dangles and cut rattail to size.

(And yes, those gaps in the bead mat are from accidentally letting the superglue gun drip onto it so be careful where you put the glue gun!)

When attaching the petals, you will want to cut the ends slightly differently so that it lines up with the rattail edge better. Glue them on in pairs.

Lastly, if you wish to add leaves, cut the green organza ribbon into appropriate shapes. I sort of went for wide circles.

A tidy way to cover everything is with a felt disc. So superglue all the bits you need, before adding the flower on top.

Depending on how large your piece is, a hair comb might be more secure than a hair clip, but it will be harder to wear on the side of your head. It would look nice in a bun!

Materials needed:
– 5cm white organza ribbon
– 5cm green organza ribbon
– white rattail
– glass pearl
– gold hair comb
– white felt

Tools needed:
– hot glue gun
– scissors
– lighter

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