Serpentine – “Still Waters”

I made a pendant with serpentine previously – see here! That one was an odd shape, but today I have an actual cabochon!

I actually got this cabochon as a gift without being told what type of gemstone it could be (people know I like my gemstones!) so I guessed that it could be serpentine. If someone could tell me otherwise, that would be great!

This pendant is named for the still waters you see in lakes that are tinted green with the colour of the surrounding forest. Sometimes the ocean can have the same colour.

For the first time, I used a wire weave to hold the stone in place, since the stone is a round stone with a flat back. Not the neatest weave, I know! I will try practicing this technique a bit more and get better.

Since the stone was rounded at the edges, I couldn’t hold it in place properly, so I affixed some wires at the back to provide some support. I tried to add a sort of butterfly idea, but it squished together a bit much.

And lastly, I asked some people for advice on my first wire wrap, and I got a suggestion to tuck the wires on the front more closely whilst keeping the loop in place. This is so it doesn’t snag as much and ruin everything. I do like the new version anyway, and I do tend to go overboard with design over practicality, so I appreciate the advice!

Materials needed:
– serpentine (?) cabochon
– 0.80mm and 0.40mm sterling silver wire
– one 4mm emerald Swarovski crystal bicone

Tools needed:
– jewellery pliers
– wire cutters

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