Kusudama “Gaku Mitsuya”

Remember the Mitsuya Kiriko? I noticed the other day that it was not secured well enough and the loop that held it started falling out of place. I thought I should remake the model again but more securely, until I noticed a similar design in my Kusudama Origami book. This one was called “Gaku Mitsuya” (額三ツ矢) – a framed Mitsuya. It looks just like the Mitsuya Kiriko, however the square panels are now frames holding another square inside them.

The design in the book made use of red and green patterns with matching triangular connectors. I tried to go for a similar effect in my design, but used blue and pink instead. This time, I made sure that the length of twine was one long length and not two short ones, which was my mistake in the last model! I also glued everything down.

The kusudama is adorned with a large blue pony bead at the top, two origami lilies, and two pink crackle beads.


Materials: Six 7.5cm chiyogami squares, sixteen 7.5cm duo-coloured paper triangles, coloured twine, coloured beads, PVA glue

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