Red Swarovski choker

I have always worked with 4mm Swarovski crystals since a smaller size makes for a good decoration alongside my pendants and other pieces of jewellery. On one particular outing, I found 8mm Siam Swarovski crystals and realised that, coupled with the 4mm ones I already own, they would make a great piece of jewellery by themselves.

The idea was very simple. (I even drew it out on paper so I could make sure.) Using a length of gold-coloured chain, 8mm Swarovski crystals would be spaced out evenly along the front. The center-most pieces would have extra crystals hanging from them, creating a necklace that gradually increased in length towards the front. It can be seen as a choker since the main length of chain hangs close to the neck.

The crystals near the middle are wrapped using double-wrapped loops and linked with jump rings, to ensure that they cannot fall off accidentally. The hardest part was making sure all of the loops were the same, if not similar!

There is a length of smaller gold chain with a yellow seed bead at the back to give the necklace extra length if the wearer so wishes.


The shelf that I take all of my pictures on is out of the sunlight. I prefer this necklace in the sun though, for obvious reasons!


Materials: Gold large-linked chain, gold small-linked chain, ten 8mm Siam Swarovski crystals, four 4mm Siam Swarovski crystals, one yellow seed bead, gold endpins and eyepins, 0.80mm brass wire

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