Summary of year 2014

In 2014, I had a very fun year at my new university, and made it into second year. I also had a nice new workspace in a location where I could obtain craft materials from the local market, but even then, I ordered a lot of new things to play with.

Jewellery was still the central theme for me, as I find it is much easier to complete a piece of jewellery in a short space of time than it is to complete an origami model. I also dabbled in sewing a little as well.

As for upcoming news, I currently have pieces for a new origami model coming up, as well as a drawing that I’ve done for a card playmat.

2014 Art Summary

January – Blue keyring charm (Link)

February – Tourmaline quartz pendant (Link)

March – 3D origami swan pencil pot (Link)

April – Felt Easter bunny with carrot (Link)

May – Animal Crossing bell bag (Link)

June – Macrame flower bracelet (Link)

July – Malachite pendant (Link)

August – Kusudama “Hanahitai Mitsuya” (Link)

September – Star hair pin (Link)

October – Stuffed mini mouse plushie (Link)

November – Snow quartz pendant (Link)

December – 3D origami Christmas tree (Link)

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