Moonstone – “Silver lining”

Here is a tree of life pendant that I made just before leaving uni. (Yes, I’m back home now! ^_^) I made it using lots of silver-plated wire and moonstone chips.

Moonstone is a stone of femininity and helps with hormonal cycles, and is also a stone of love and passion. Most potent during the full moon.

I love tree of life pendants, they are fairly easy to make. Incidentally, I have so many sets of gemstone chips to use, so you might see a lot of these from me, haha. I suppose the next step is to add extra touches? For example, this was the first time I covered the frame in wire.

First I measured out the wire frame with the 1.00mm wire, then I laid the frame open so that I could wrap the main part of it using the 0.40mm wire.


After wrapping what I needed, I then closed the frame by curling the ends to make an eye for the chain to go through, using the 0.80mm wire. I had to use more 0.40 wire to keep the eye in place, then I left the frame on a deodorant can to keep the circular shape. (Incidentally, that’s how I measured my frame, haha!)
Now we start attaching lengths of 0.40mm wire to the frame! Cut lengths and wrap four or five times around the frame to secure in place. Each length is a branch, and my pendant has eight branches.
Now, thread any number of chips that you like. My moonstone chips were pretty chunky, so I ranged between six and nine chips per branch.
Once threaded, then you can twist the wires together in any way to form thicker branches. Eventually, all the wires should combine to create the trunk of the tree
P1000503Once the trunk reaches the frame, separate the wires again to form the roots of the tree, and wrap the roots around the frame to secure the tree in place.
To finish, I created a fish hook and eye clasp and hammered them (or tried to, anyway) and attached them to silver chain, and threaded through the eye of the pendant frame.
Here is the finished pendant !


Materials: Moonstone chips, 1.00mm silver wire, 0.80mm silver wire,  0.40mm silver wire, silver chain 

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