14/03/2013 Crafty package!

I’m moving back up to my hometown this week as my second term is over, so I did my usual but final round of my favourite Cambridge shops.

My first visit is to gem stall in the market in the middle of town. This is where I get most of my gemstones from. I can’t help but buy more than one every time I go there. I visit quite often, and even the lady at the stall knows about my jewellery-making hobby. I was wearing my carnelian pendant, and she really likes the work that I do. ^_^

Anyway, I’ve mostly chosen gemstones that I’ve never had before. From top to bottom, theres: two aquamarine stones to possibly turn into earrings, citrine, green fluorite and moonstone for wire wrapping, and a black kyanite stone that looks like a black wing which I might turn into a pendant? Not sure yet.


My next visit was to The Beaderie, a bead boutique shop. They stock essential stuff such as wire, tools and findings, but what they stock a lot of is beads and charms. As you might have guessed!

They stock glass beads, faceted beads, silver charms, semi-precious strings of beads, just a lot of things really! Today I needed some copper and silver wire, and just some random pretty beads. They do also stock Swarovski, and I’ve lately been infatuated with them, so I was happy. X3 And the dyed agate really caught my eye. It’s a cheaper alternative to Carnelian which is a semi-precious gemstone.


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