Summary of year 2012

Sorry guys, very long post incoming! But I couldn’t think of any way to shorten it without missing important info. Worth the read, I promise!

Anyway, I might have only had a WordPress blog for a few days, but I’m been making stuff for over a year now. To further my introduction and to show you what things I make, I created a summary of my crafts from the year 2012. A list explaining each image is at the bottom of the post. Let me know if you’d like to see the images in full!

January – Kusudama balls made for a gift

February – 3D origami moogle designed by myself

March – Aqua blue ladder bracelet, my first proper foray into jewellery making

April – Royal rose kusudama by Maria Sinayskaya, my first modular other that a kusudama ball

May – Dragon in flight by Charles Esseltine, my first complex single sheet model

June – Senbazuru (cropped image), one thousand cranes that took over two months to make

July – Kusudama flower pot filled with lucky stars

August – Tissue paper flower bouquet, where I started making flower bouquets of all kinds

September – Origami straw stars in a pot

October – Opalite pendant, my first wire-wrapped gemstone

November – Amethyst gem tree, my best gem tree so far

December – Stuffed onigiri plushie keychain, my first simple plushie

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