Beaded fringe earrings

Hi guys, sorry about the lack of activity around this parts. I started up beading recently which takes up a lot of my time, and I’ve been going all over the country as well so I’ve not done much. Finally, I can share something!

Here is an excellent tutorial by Beadaholique’s YouTube channel on how to make brick stitch and fringe earrings. I followed this tutorial for my earrings, but it’s quite simple with prior knowledge of stitches and pictures for reference. I had this mix of bugle and seed beads that I bought from a thrift shop in a local market, and I sorted out a few of them into different piles.


The first part is ladder stitch technically, followed by brick stitch. This gives you the pyramid shape at the top of your earrings. You can see that the pyramid is an odd shape and this is because some of the seed beads were differently shaped, so not the neatest thing in the world.


The fringe itself is pretty straightforward as I strung up a pattern of beads. Just make sure the thread isn’t visible at the bottom of the strands when the thread wraps back around.


A chevron pattern differs by the number of beads in a certain spot. I varied the clear beads at the top and kept the rest of the pattern the same. Here’s one earring done! Just add a jump ring to the top bead and an earring hook. Took me longer than it should have because one of the beads in the brick stitch broke so I had to redo the whole thing…


I like the silver and black colour scheme, and this pattern can be adapted to others of your choice. Here’s to my quest to learn more beading stitches! One thing I would have changed here is that I used black beading thread which does sort of show up under the clear beads, but I did not have any to test with.


Materials: Clear and black seed beads, black bugle beads in two different sizes, black beading thread, jump rings, earring hooks

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