Sparkly black jewellery set

My workplace Christmas party was yesterday, and the theme was ‘Glitz and Glamour’. I’m not a fan of showy dresses, so I opted instead to go for a plain dress, but make the accessories sparkly. Yes, I did wait until the party happened to post this! My heels and clutch bag both had sparkling clear […]

Flower hairband v2

Since the time I made my blue flower hairband, I’ve been wearing it whenever I can. But I realised that its colour scheme does not suit all occasions, so I decided to make an “evening-themed” hairband. The process is very much the same, but the colours chosen and the decoration methods were different. Firstly, I […]

Blue spider pendant

It’s Halloween today! I’m too old for trick or treating though, haha. Apparently it’s a good day as a student to go out for the night? I wonder what is it about Halloween that people like. I think it’s probably the dressing up, huh? I only have some witch accessories, I know, not very imaginative! […]

Freshwater pearl bracelet

Yeah, there’s not really much of a choice when it comes to naming something like this. It’s pearls, what else can you expect? Freshwater pearls aren’t perfectly round like typical pearls are. They all have different shapes, to make it look more natural. I figured just stringing pearls onto thread wouldn’t look well thought out, […]

Chunky blue pearl bracelet

This bracelet is one of the loveliest things I’ve ever made. It’s really eye-catching and is sure to make a statement. It’s also fairly heavy, haha. I basically made the bracelet by tying up the curb chain with elastic, then filling up the spaces with all sorts of beads. I chose to use a pack […]