Earrings – “Frost flowers”

Some very easy-to-put-together earrings here. Take three end pins and add Swarovski crystals to each one. Cut the lengths so that they are of varying lengths and create loops. Take another eye pin and connect the end pins to the loop; these are the stamens of the flower. Put the acrylic flower on so that […]

Wire jewellery with Linda Jones

*This post is quite picture-heavy* I have a book called “Making Beautiful Bead & Wire Jewelry” by Linda Jones, which provides step-by-step instructions on how to make about 30 different projects involving rings, necklaces and earrings. This author is quite accomplished and is worth looking up if you are a beginner-to-intermediate jewellery maker; I myself […]

Earrings – “Angel in the sky”

Earrings made with blue shell heart and star, a pair of silver wing charms and glossy pearls. At the moment, my earrings are nothing too complicated, I just put components together. One day I’d like to extend my wire-wrapping so that I can wrap small stones and make earrngs from them. The components seem to […]

Earrings – “Unchained heart”

Decided to do some quick pieces using the now-very-large bag of Swarovski crystals that I keep impulsively buying whenever I see it in stores. XD The colour of the red Siam hearts are just gorgeous, and it really stands out, so I paired them with a silver key and silver chain to give it the […]