Sparkly black jewellery set

My workplace Christmas party was yesterday, and the theme was ‘Glitz and Glamour’. I’m not a fan of showy dresses, so I opted instead to go for a plain dress, but make the accessories sparkly. Yes, I did wait until the party happened to post this!

My heels and clutch bag both had sparkling clear crystals and a mixture of white and grey pearls adorned on them, so I used a similar idea with my jewellery. I mixed faceted black beads, grey beads, and crystal rondelles with ivory oval pearls. My dress was an off-the-shoulder one, so I created a choker-style necklace.

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Christmas hoop earrings

I don’t normally make stuff for Christmas, but I have a lot of spare beads lying around…

I plan on making some jewellery for a Christmas party soon but I’m missing some key components and Black Friday starts soon so I’m waiting for some nice sales.

In the meanwhile, using some spare seed beads and glass beads, I made these Christmas-themed hoop earrings with a string of glass beads in the centre – kind of like some baubles!

Materials: red and green seed beads, various red and green seed beads, 0.80mm silver wire and findings

White organza kanzashi headpiece

I said I’d try another kanzashi piece. I got inspiration from this video by MyInDulzens on YouTube – give her channel a look if you’re interested, she’s very talented!

I started with white organza ribbon. Some green organza ribbon for leaves and white rattail for dangles are optional. You need a lot of ribbon, and it has to be quite wide as well!

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Green aventurine – “Sweet autumn”

I bought a string of green aventurine gemstone chips a very long time ago, and have never used them until now. I felt like they would make for very nice tree leaves, so I wanted to make a tree of life. Seems people like to add things to their trees of life (as seen in a quick Google search!) such as flat discs for moons, bird charms, and flowers. I used some red glass beads to resemble apples!

Firstly, I made a ring for the frame, and then tied lots of thin wrapping wire to the bottom of the frame. A handy bottle of cordial was used to keep the frame circular, don’t mind the strangeness of the image haha…

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Bright kumihimo bracelet

Here is a quick thing I worked on recently. I bought some red, orange and yellow rattail cord a while ago to make a bracelet on request. Like a fiery/sunny pattern!

In this bracelet, I used four threads of orange, and two of red and yellow. I alternated the red and yellow patterns.

I opted to not use any bracelet ends, and tied off the ends with knots. You tie it with a square knot on the non-braided part.

By the way, I found a useful tip online for finishing bracelet ends! You can apply PVA glue to the cord ends to stop them from fraying, but you can also apply a dab of superglue to the inside of the knot to stop them from coming undone. Sounds simple, but very effective!

Materials used: red, orange and yellow satin rattail cord