Red and pink kusudama ball

I made two sets of kusudama flowers with this red and pink paper set, and the first set were used in the bouquet that I posted in my last post.The second set have now been glued together to make a kusudama ball. I haven’t made one of these for a long time! The flowers were not quite the same size so gluing them together was quite difficult.I added a loop of twine thread to go down the middle and then attached a handmade tassel at the end.

Kusudama bouquets

Hi, it’s been a long while! I’ll be uploading some old photos to catch up on things I’ve missed.

One of my old makes, the blue kusudama flower bouquet, has found new life in my new flat. It sits on top of a cabinet next to the window. And I thought, I could totally make another one!

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Kusudama – “Kirikomi Kiriko Tourou – Bara Kasane”

This is the “Kirikomi Kiriko Tourou – Bara Kasane” (切り込み切子 灯篭 – バラ重ね) model from the Kusudama Origami book. This model has a different faceted face which I like a little more than my previous but very similar “Kirikomi Kiriko Tourou – Hana Suisha” model.

I used pink floral patterned paper and decorated it with red and pink glass beads. The flower insets were red and yellow dual-coloured paper.

Materials: Six 15cm squares of double-sided paper, six 7.5cm squares of dual-sided red and yellow paper, red twine, various glass beads