Beaded kumihimo bracelet

Continuing on with my kumihimo adventures, I started learning how to incorporate beads. With a normal braid, you need a thicker cord, but this time you will need beading cord and appropriately sized beads. Here, I’ve used 0.5mm cord, size 8/0 seed beads, and 4mm crystals and pearls.

You start by braiding a little with the cord for the end caps, then you want to lay out the beads so that the pattern spirals up the bracelet.

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Red and pink kusudama ball

I made two sets of kusudama flowers with this red and pink paper set, and the first set were used in the bouquet that I posted in my last post.The second set have now been glued together to make a kusudama ball. I haven’t made one of these for a long time! The flowers were not quite the same size so gluing them together was quite difficult.I added a loop of twine thread to go down the middle and then attached a handmade tassel at the end.