Frosty cake

There is a recipe for a lemon and raspberry cake with cream cheese frosting in the book Home Sweet Home by the Hummingbird Bakery that I wanted to make for a long time. Well, I ended up making it last weekend because my plain flour was about to expire in a month, haha. Here’s a picture of the cake in the book.


It’s a layer cake! I’ve never made one before. However, I wanted to put a spin on it by making a cake shaped like Frosty from Neko Atsume. Frosted cream cheese, right?

I made the three cakes the night before and left them to cool in their tins, before covering with clingfilm to keep fresh.


The cakes needed to be sandwiched with a layer of cream cheese frosting and raspberry jam. After that, I had to shape the cake into an oval shape, by rounding off the sides.


Then I shaped the ears and started covering the cake in cream cheese frosting. It wasn’t very stable though because I let some liquid get in… I should have refrigerated it for a few hours really.


Here’s the runny cream cheese in all its glory. Well, I tried. It’s not comparable to the book at all, haha.


Well, after cleaning up, it looked okay.


Fortunately I planned to cover the cake in fondant, so it’s not so bad. Frosty is a white cat with green ears, red eyes and a black nose and mouth. I got some ready-to-roll fondant (sorry, I have no desire to make fondant ever again hahaha…) and created and shaped coloured sections.


I placed the extra pieces on top of the white fondant. I could have used black icing to outline the cake, but I needed to transport the cake, so it had to set properly.


The final appearance looks pretty good if I say so myself! This is my second time decorating a cake with fondant. Hopefully I’ll have more ideas to come!


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