Origami corner bookmarks

When in a creative drought, I do a personal project called ‘Week of…’ where I take a simple craft and spend a week experimenting with said craft. It usually consists of making something new every day. Today’s feature will be on origami corner bookmarks. Any avid readers here? An origami corner bookmark is a lovely […]

Sprucing up a kusudama

Kusudama (薬玉; lit. medicine ball) a paper model formed by sewing or gluing units together. Some origami artists dislike the use  of papercutting and gluing, but I like them since they make lovely decorations. For ‘true’ modular origami, the artist Tomoko Fuse comes to mind. Kusudama balls (as they are commonly known as, even though the […]

Moonstone – “Silver lining”

Here is a tree of life pendant that I made just before leaving uni. (Yes, I’m back home now! ^_^) I made it using lots of silver-plated wire and moonstone chips. Moonstone is a stone of femininity and helps with hormonal cycles, and is also a stone of love and passion. Most potent during the […]