Chunky blue pearl bracelet

This bracelet is one of the loveliest things I’ve ever made. It’s really eye-catching and is sure to make a statement. It’s also fairly heavy, haha. I basically made the bracelet by tying up the curb chain with elastic, then filling up the spaces with all sorts of beads. I chose to use a pack […]

Helmsweave chainmaille bracelet

This is my first attempt at chainmaille. I found this helmsweave pattern online, along with many other free patterns. I used both silver and brass wire to highlight the patterns. And I wanted to use up the rest of my silver coil of wire, so here’s the end product! There are three types of rings […]

Summary of year 2012

Sorry guys, very long post incoming! But I couldn’t think of any way to shorten it without missing important info. Worth the read, I promise! Anyway, I might have only had a WordPress blog for a few days, but I’m been making stuff for over a year now. To further my introduction and to show […]